A word on cider and mead

We wanted to take a moment to address non-beer options. We strive to be as inclusive as possible and know that preference and/or dietary restrictions may affect whether or not someone is able to enjoy beer. Though the 2019 Hoppy Possum will not have an official cider/mead/non-beer category, we would like to encourage any participating brewers to offer these options for tasting. Cider/mead/non-beer offerings will not be considered part of the competition.

Still, we appreciate any brewer bringing a non-beer options for those who prefer them. As a thank you, we will provide an additional complimentary ticket if 5 gallons of cider or mead are provided for tasting at the festival. Please note that only one (1) complimentary ticket will be provided for non-beer offerings and serving a non-beer option will count toward each brewers 3 entry maximum.

If you have questions regarding non-beer offerings or anything else, please do not hesitate to email us at gavin@hoppypossum.com


Gavin AndrewsComment